PZL Prem WB 707L Red (10x14.1Oz)
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PZL Prem WB 707L Red (10x14.1Oz)

Product Code: PZLWB707LR426

PENNZOIL PREMIUM WHEEL BEARING 707L RED GREASE is a high temperature, NLGI Grade 2, lithium complexgrease which contains high quality petroleum base oils. The primary application for 707L is in high temperature operationssuch as wheel bearings on vehicles equipped with conventional, disc and antilock braking systems. These high temperatureapplications demand the use of 707L to resist melting of the grease and the resulting leakage from the bearings. 707L maybe used with confidence at continuous operating temperatures up to 325°F and in intermittent use at temperatures up to450°F. Special additives in 707L prevent rust and corrosion, reduce wear, and provide extreme pressure protection. 707Lhas excellent resistance to softening or hardening in service, resists water washout, and flows readily at cold temperatures.707L's special thickeners resist wheel bearing leakage.
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The vast majority of automobiles produced today are equipped with disc brakes. Although disc brakes provide better braking performance, their use puts tremendous stress on the wheel bearing grease. Higher temperatures are generated in the wheel bearings with disc brakes than those with conventional drum brakes. This application is the most demanding for any automotive grease. PENNZOIL PREMIUM WHEEL BEARING 707L RED GREASE will protect wheel bearings on cars, buses, vans, trucks, and farm equipment with disc brakes, even under heavy loads and shock loading.