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Code de produit : MOR320221

Shell Omala Oils are versatile, premium quality extreme pressure oils designed to lubricate industrial gear units. They are available in seven ISO viscosity grades ranging from 68 to 3200. All grades are manufactured using a proven sulfur-phosphorus additive system and are free of lead or lead compounds.
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ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94; US Steel 224; Cincinnati Machine (appropriate viscosity grades); Joy Technologies TO-LEP (Omala Oil 68); DIN 51517 (Part 3); David Brown SL 53.101
Industrial gear units requiring an extreme pressure type of oil:• large and small spur, bevel, spiral bevel, helical, herringbone, and hypoid gears• worm, cylindrical, and other gears where EP is not a necessity, but where the use of only one type of gear oil for a plant may be desirable• some double-enveloping worm gears (consult manufacturer prior to use)• systems serving both gears and bearings subject to shock and high-load conditions.• gear motors and drives• oil mist systems, including oil mist-lubricated gears and bearings• special and often severe industrial applications in steel and paper mills, rubber and glass plants, mines and quarries, and marine vessel transmissions