CORENA S4 R46 (5 AG)
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CORENA S4 R46 (5 AG)

Code de produit : CORS4R46221

Shell Corena S4 R is an advanced synthetic air compressor oil incorporating a unique high performance additive system. It is designed to deliver the highest performance lubrication of rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors. It uses an advanced additive system to provide excellent protection and performance for compressors running at pressures over 25 bar and in excess of 100 deg. C. discharge temperatures with oil maintenance intervals of up to 12,000 hours.
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ISO 6743-3A-DAJ
ROTARY SLIDING VANE AND SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS: Shell Corena S4 R is suitable for oil-flooded/oilinjected, single or two-stage compressors, operating at pressures of in excess of 25 bar and with air discharge temperatures of over 100°C (including intermittent operation under these conditions). SEVERE SERVICE CONDITIONS: May also be used where exceptionally high ambient temperatures are found, when the oil emperature cannot be reduced to normal levels.