RIMULA R4 X 15W40 (4X1AG)
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RIMULA R4 X 15W40 (4X1AG)

Code de produit : RIMR4X15W40226

Shell Rimula (R4 X) is formulated with Shell’s innovative Dynamic Protection technology, which features an advanced additive system that adapts to your engine’s specific requirements. This helps to provide protection in three key areas such as; Acid and corrosion control: It protects against corrosion by controlling the acids formed as the fuel burns. Wear control: It maintains strongly protective oil films to keep critical engine components working. Deposit control: It resists high-temperature oxidation, thereby keeping engines clean from deposits.
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API: CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF. SL; ACEA: E7, E5, E3; Global: DHD-1; Caterpillar: ECF-2, ECF-1-A; Cummins: CES 20078, 77, 76 ,75, 72 ,71; DDC: 93K215; Deutz: DQC III-10; IVECO: T1 (Meets requirements);JASO: DH-1; Mack EO-M+, EO-M; MAN: M3275-1; MB-Approval 228.3; MTU: Category 2; Renault Trucks: RLD-2; Volvo: VDS-3;
Shell Rimula R4 X 15W40 can be used in severe duty diesel engines (most modern engines which comply to low emmision standards meeting Euro 5, 4, 3, 2 and US 2002 emmision requirements.