Pennzoil ATF 6x1 QT CARTON (207)
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Pennzoil ATF 6x1 QT CARTON (207)

Code de produit : PENNZOILATF207

Pennzoil Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is a high-quality automatic transmission fluid that provides consistent, reliable, and smooth operation of transmission systems requiring the performance levels listed below, generally used in older passenger cars. It features a high oxidation resistance and shear stability, as well as dependable anti-wear and gear protection to help extend the life of transmission components as well as service in a wide variety of other applications.

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Dexron-III (GM 6297-M), Mercon (For M2C185A), Allison Type C-4, CAT TO-2

Pennzoil Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is a mineral oil automatic transmission fluid designed for historic General Motors DEXRON® III, Ford MERCON®, and Allison C-4 service fill all applications (transmissions, transfer cases, power steering systems, and hydraulic systems). This includes many older applications in a wide range of vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes and others. Do not use in Ford Type F applications.  Always follow vehicle or equipment manufacturer’s service requirements.