Spirax S3 ATF MD3 6x1 QT CARTON (207)
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Spirax S3 ATF MD3 6x1 QT CARTON (207)

Código Producto: SPIRAXS3ATFMD3207

Shell Spirax S3 ATF MD3 is a premium quality automatic transmission fluid based on high viscosity index mineral oils and carefully selected additives. It is blended to meet the stringent requirements of leading automotive transmission manufacturer. Resistant to oil degradation and keeps automatic transmissions clean.
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GM Dexron III Ford Mercon Allison C-4 Certain hydraulic applications call for oils meeting ISO VG 32-46-38 viscosity requirements. Note: Do not use where GM Dexro VI or Ford Mercon V, Mercon SP, Mercon LV or Type F fluids are specified.
Passenger car automatic transmissions Heavy duty automatic transmission Power steering units Certain hydraulic applications calling for oils meeting ISO VG 32-46-68 viscosity requirements