OMALA S4 WE 220 (55AG)
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OMALA S4 WE 220 (55AG)

Código Producto: OMAS4WE220241

Shell Omala S4 WE is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial worm drive gear oil formulated using specially selected polyalkylene glycol base fluids and additives. It offers outstanding lubrication performance under severe operating conditions, including improved energy efficiency, long service life and high resistance to micro-pitting.
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Meets David Brown S1.53.105 G, Meets ISO 12925-1 Type CKE, Meets ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 (EP), Fully approved by Flender AG Fully approved by Bonfiglioli
Enclosed industrial worm gear systems: Recommended for industrial worm gear reduction systems operating under severe operating conditions, such as high load, very low or elevated temperatures and wide temperature variations.